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Delphi Code Camp remote
Das Trainingsevent für Delphi-Entwickler
26. - 28. April 2021 | Online

Bruno Fierens


29 Apr 2020
09:00 - 17:00
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TMS WEB Core training

29 Apr 2020
09:00 - 17:00

TMS WEB Core is a Delphi framework that produces a truly 100% WEB HTML/JS application, without the need for binaries, executables, where you can deploy the application to any hosting server. All this from your familiar Delphi IDE with a RAD component based methodology.
This new paradigm introduces a number of new concepts for the traditional Delphi programmer. In this training day you will learn concepts from the beginning: what is a web client application, how does it work, what are single page application (SPA) and multiple page application (MPA), what is HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, AJAX, database use, …

The course is brought in different sessions:
Session Introduction
You will learn how TMS WEB Core is integrated in the Delphi IDE and how to get started:

  • How to create new TMS WEB Core web client applications,
  • Different TMS WEB Core application types/targets
  • TMS WEB Core project structure

Session 2: Controls

You will learn what types of controls/components are delivered with TMS WEB Core

  • TMS WEB Core standard controls
  • HTML elements wrapping controls / compound controls
  • jQuery controls
  • FNC controls
  • Interesting non-visual controls and device controls

Session 3: Form design & layout

You will learn the different possible ways to design pages in a TMS WEB Core web client application

  • Use the designer WYSIWYG with absolute control positioning
  • Use a HTML template for the page design & layout
  • Using CSS
  • Using responsive design
  • Various ways to use multiple forms in an SPA (Single Page web Application)

Session 4: Pascal to JavaScript compiler

  • Architecture
  • RTL
  • Basic types 
  • Limitations
  • RTTI
  • ASM

Session 5: Data binding and interfacing with the backend

  • Databinding, DataSet, DataSource, DB-aware controls
  • Using REST APIs
  • Using different database backends
  • Build your own REST server
  • Use existing cloud database solutions

Session 6: The PWA & Electron application types

  • What is a progressive web application
  • Criterias & tools for building a progressive web applications
  • Building your first PWA
  • What is a cross-platform installable Electron desktop application
  • Electron specific controls for TMS WEB Core
  • Building your first Electron application


  • Know the Delphi language
  • Knowing how to use Delphi / RAD Studio IDE
  • Delphi XE7 or later installed
  • TMS WEB Core (free trial or registered version) if you want to run the examples

Session Themen